We are a boutique agency specialising in PR for home and lifestyle products, people and brands.  With almost 30 years experience in this area, working with both large international brands and emerging identities, we have an in-depth understanding of the market and can deliver publicity and marketing campaigns that are both on trend and consistently exceed client’s expectations.
All activity is tailored to an individual client’s needs and budget – and being a small studio the principal has a very hands-on approach, working directly with each client on every campaign.
Newscast was founded in 1987 by Linda Brander who has almost 30 years experience representing and promoting leading brands.
That means three decades of working with editors, journalists and stylists within the home/ interior/ lifestyle area – so a considerable network of contacts and a great understanding of the industry.  She has also studied with the International School of Colour and Design.


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Linda Brander is the most organised and efficient publicist I deal with – and I deal with a lot. I believe I’ve used every one of Newscast’s clients in features – repeatedly – not so much because of who the client is but because Linda is behind the brand and therefore I know will deliver what I need when I need it. Be it product information, images, expert commentary – everything comes to me on time, without fuss, and completely within brief. I’ve never once had to chase Linda for client information, which, surprisingly, is something I have to do far more often that I should with other companies. In short, Linda makes my job easy – and what journalist doesn’t love that.


Vera Klein
Home Beautiful Magazine

It must’ve been apparent from a very young age that Linda Brander was destined to focus on public relations as a career. I say this as she is obviously doing what she loves as she excels in this arena.

I have been editor of real living magazine for 10 years and in that time have dealt with Linda on a daily basis. Linda is the most professional of all the PRs in Australia – she is a brilliant communicator, one who only ever tells a compelling story. Her content is consistently valuable. Linda is of the “under-promise, over-deliver school”. She surprises me as a constant. She has never let myself or the Real Living team down, ever.

She is top of mind when I think PR. She is “the”’ example I use when giving talks on PR dos and don’ts. I have never hesitated to recommend Linda to clients – and I have. If I had my own business to promote she would be the only PR I would call upon. She is trustworthy, sensitive and knows how to win hearts and minds. You would be very fortunate if she decided to take your business on her books.


Deborah Bibby
Real Living Magazine
I deal with dozens of PRs on a week-to-week basis. Linda Brander is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. She’s quick, helpful, friendly, diplomatic and always on the ball. She knows that everything in magazines is always “last-minute” and she always makes it her business to give us, where possible, what we need, NOW! She knows how to lovingly tend to her clients’ brands and present them in the best possible way to the media. Businesses often ask me if I can recommend a good PR and I always recommend Linda first.

There is a misconception that only large PR firms can deliver what clients and the media need. This is simply not true. Smaller, bespoke PR firms like Newscast do just as good a job – if not better, as they tend not to get tangled in all sorts of red tape. It’s the personal touch and the fact that the client is truly valued that sets Linda Brander and her team at Newscast apart.


John McDonald
Real Living Magazine
The team at Belle deals with Linda Brander of Newscast on a regular basis when sourcing products and images for stories – particularly for our regular Kitchen and Bathroom features.
We always find Lisa fast, responsive, and efficient when handling our requests which is very important given that we are often asking for things at the last minute and on deadline!


Tanya Buchanan
Belle Magazine
It has been such a pleasure to deal with Linda Brander on a professional basis over the last year in my role as Associate Editor of Inside Out magazine. Linda is in regular communication with me about new initiatives from her clients and always replies quickly to my queries. She particularly understands our need for high-quality images (a special requirement of glossy lifestyle magazines) and accurate accompanying details. Her business is small, but that gives it a personal touch. I love the fact that I deal with the principal of the agency, rather than a young and inexperienced intern, which is often the case in larger agencies.


Lynne Testoni
Inside Out Magazine

I first came in contact with Linda Brander in my role as stylist for House & Garden magazine over 18 years ago. From there I worked on magazine titles Live This, Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Real Living, Country Style and The Sydney Morning Herald. At any time, for any of those publications, Linda has been the go-to-and-get PR I have always been able to rely on to meet my deadlines. From receiving information on the latest products, to ensuring everything from a tin of paint or a washing machine has turned up to photo shoots on time and hassle-free, Linda understands the demands of the media, and how quickly our work needs to be turned around.

Linda is driven, hard working, and gregarious, and has forged solid connections with key journalists, editors and product reviewers. At any product launch or press trip I have attended, Linda will have always seamlessly pulled it together, and is on-call with immediate product information. I’ve always known her to have a solid understanding of every product represented.

The long-standing partnerships with two of her clients in particular – Italian appliance brand Smeg and bath and kitchen hardware brand Kohler – is testament to the trust they have in her, as Linda is regarded as ‘part of the family’, and a key member of their business.

I can say without hesitation Linda is at the top of my list of PR contacts, who I’ve called on so many times I know her phone number off by heart.


Alexia Biggs
Editor of The Source, The Sydney Morning Herald
I work with Linda and her team regularly, mainly across the Smeg and Kohler brands. I have always found Newscast to be professional, reliable, and a real pleasure to deal with. They are a fine example of how the biggest agencies don’t always do the best work. I actually like the more personal feel of working with a smaller agency and find it refreshing that Linda takes such a hands on approach to her business and building relationships with media.I was lucky enough to join a group of Australian journalists on Smeg’s annual trip to Milan last year and saw for myself the high regard in which Linda is held by this prestigious brand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Newscast.


Jen Bishop
Interiors Addict

In a deadline-driven business we rely on speedy responses for images and product information. We are also quick to delete irrelevant information and to distrust poor sources. Those who deliver timely news, title-targeted information and quickly turn around requests inevitably float to the top of the contact list.

Linda Brander and her team are always on the mark. Newscast is selective in their pitches and understands our obsession with news exclusives or images, managing the process to everyone’s advantage.

In more than 10 years dealing with Linda I have found her to be a hard-working person of great integrity and intelligence, able to quickly discern the USP of a brand or product and to position it correctly.

She never wastes our time with an ill-advised pitch and often saves the day with a timely pic or launch news. I cannot recommend Linda highly enough to any brand seeking to benefit from her excellent media relationships and marketing smarts.


Lisa Green
Australian House & Garden